Cornett Memories

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Lost in the halls.
Submitted by Wayne Gray on Thursday, January 20, 2011

In 1984, my provincial exam results did not arrive until the first week of the new university year. That resulted in a late start for my school year and I had to attend each class to sign up.

One of my first classes was on the 2nd floor of the Cornett Building. I could not locate my class and walked around in circles. I eventually found the class... the next day, a friend of mine said he saw me walk past his classroom on at least three occasions.

He stated he was going to help me but he remembered he was just as lost as me the previous year. He laughed and thought that is the only way to learn the layout of the Cornett Building if I was hopelessly lost.... I often wondered how many other students over the years were just as confused.

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