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The Room of Requirement
Submitted by Claire Adamczyk on Thursday, October 28, 2010

It was the final year for the 2009 anthropology students. Some of us were in the honour program, some were not.

Regardless we all needed a place to study, a place we could call our own and feel comfortable in. The Cornett Building was under heavy construction at the time, especially the third floor.

Most classes and offices had been temporarily moved out. A lonely, empty place, yet a quiet, undisturbed place.

Jenn came to class one day and mentioned she would be studying in a third floor room, to come and find her if I wanted to share the space. Between class one day I ventured upstairs, past the protective plastic barriers, over the torn down bits of trim, through the tangled mess of wires and cables, seeking out this new study room.

I could not find it. I was standing in the hall and I could not find the door or room number. I paced, I thought and then I closed my eyes, wishing that I could find this room! When I opened my eyes I noticed a crack of light from behind a corner. I quickened my pace and rounded the men's bathroom, looked down a dark corridor and there it was.

A room with the door just barely ajar, the light on, and silent. When I entered I found Jenn and a few others sitting with their notes and laptops. What a wonderful room! It was large with long desks in a C formation, chalk boards ran the length of two walls, windows spanned one wall, and cork boards on the fourth, and all other walls. There was a cupboard in the corner beside the window where items accumulated; two hot water kettles, boxes of tea, instant hot chocolate, snack foods, eye masks and blankets; for all to share.

It grew into a wonderful community of students, not just of anthropology, who wanted a quiet place to read, write, get help from peers or brainstorm on a class together. Some of us would stay late into the night, arrive early in the morning and we always knew where to find each other at any hour of the day or night that classes were not being held.

This room became our home away from home for a year, until one day it too started being taken down for repair and renovation. Early in it's use we all thought we needed a way to communicate about this place and rather than calling it "Room 3** of Cornett" someone named it the Room of Requirement, because in essence it truly was just that.

It is one of the fondest memories I have of my years at UVic, and perhaps in the future another group of avid students will find their own Room of Requirement in the mysterious halls of Cornett.

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