Cornett Memories

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Sleepless in Cornett
Submitted by Mike Cornford on Monday, October 25, 2010

During the winter final exam period of 2002, I set up shop with a few fellow students in the Cornett Building. However, this wasn't one of our usual student study sessions. We brought in a coffee maker, microwave, tons of snacks, blankets, change of clothes, toiletries, a basketball and all of our books and notes. We made it through 3 days straight, almost 72 hours of cramming, sleeping about 2 hours a night, if that, because those old wooden and plastic Cornett chairs weren't Lazyboys. We were living off food from the next door cafeteria and ordered pizza (which was delivered right to the door of the Cornett building, classic!) You should have seen the look on people's faces when the pizza arrived to us, twice. The sleepless in Cornett experience helped us learn every ounce of the coursework we needed to be successful on our exams while making it one of the most memorable times of our University experience. Why go home, Cornett was home until we agreed we were done our session. Our session was declared over when we walked from Cornett to the gymnasium, across ring road, the morning of our exam. What better of a way to get to know all the Cornett building had to offer than walking down the halls with a book and a coffee at 4am chatting with fellow students studying in nearby classrooms?! Those were the days..

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