Cornett Memories

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Staircase to nowhere
Submitted by Meaghan Jantzi on Monday, October 25, 2010

During my first year at UVic I had the misfortune of having a Poli Sci Tutorial in room 338B which is absolutely nowhere near room 338, 338A or 338C and requires a scavenger hunt dictated by chalk arrows drawn on the brick walls in order to find it.

One morning as I was running late I decided to be slightly adventurous and try a more easily accessible staircase than the one I normally took only to be met at the third floor by a solid brick wall!

I was never able to find this staircase again, and after a couple of years I started to convince myself that maybe I had imagined the whole thing until one day a good friend of mine came running up to me saying "you'll never guess what just happened to me in Cornett!"

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