Cornett Memories

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Glad I got lost in Cornett (again)
Submitted by Kimberly Sharpe on Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the third year of my undergrad I thought I had the Cornett layout down. I bragged about it to my friends. I sauntered through the halls confidently, occasionally smirking as students stared at the maps quizzically. I was sure that Cornett would no longer defeat me.
So, when a frazzled looking girl hurriedly approached me claiming she was lost and asking for help locating a specific room, I thought it was my time to shine. I assured her that it would be no problem, that I had taken classes here for three years, and knew what I was doing.
Up and down staircases we went, down halls and through doors. We did this for almost twenty-five minutes before I finally had to admit that I was lost. Completely lost. And also inept at reading building maps. Not only that but this girl had missed an important meeting with a professor and was looking dangerously upset.
Embarrassed, I asked her if I could buy her lunch to make up for the wild goose chase I had just led her on. She accepted and this lunch turned out to be the start of a friendship that is as strong as ever. I'm now proud to call this girl one of my dearest friends. And I'm happy to say that I got lost that day in Cornett.

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