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First People To Move Into Cornett
Submitted by Otfried Spreen on Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I was one of the first people moving from the old Young building into Cornett, together with Bill Gaddes. Bill and Lex Milton had carefully planned the “Neuropsychology Clinic” with architect John De Castri.

It had a separate hallway with treatment or testing rooms, a main lab for larger equipment, and a separate outside entrance.

Two years later we added the “anechoic chamber” for experiments in hearing
adjacent to the basement level (with a grant from the Medical Research Council).

The psychology department moved into the first floor. The second floor was occupied by the German and other departments.

At that time (1966), Psychology had only seven full-time faculty members ( Bill Gaddes, Dick May, Stewart Meikle, Howard Simmons, Leslie Wright, Charles Tolman and I), but Lex Milton joined us soon afterwards, returning from a year at the university in Oxford,Ohio, and Ron Hoppe and Edward Tryk were added to the staff. Bill Gaddes, who had been with Victoria College since its Normal School Days, and had aquired a PhD in California, was the chairman.

Mrs. Lee (we never found out her first name) was ruling in the secretary’s office, and Ernie Johnson was our jack-of-all-trades carpenter and handyman in the basement, designing and building all kinds of equipment. Other rooms in the basement were dedicated to animal experiments and student quarters.

The first floor had three large rooms. One room served as seminar and small classroom. Another was to become our computer room, later connected to the mainframe computer in another building with Peter Darling, the head of the slowly developing computer science department.

In the neuropsychology laboratory (now “Psychology Clinic”) Marjory Halliwell (wife the chief librarian) and Barbara Fields (wife of the head of biology) were added as psychometricians, and to help with student training.

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